Day trips

  • Tanzania is full of beautiful places that can be visited within a day and while waiting for the day to start your climb or wildlife safari or boarding your flight back to your beloved country.

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  • Zanzibar is an Island located in Indian ocean east coast of Tanzania mainland. In your visit Tanzania for Kilimanjaro climb or Safari, you should not bypass this an archipelago Islands. The Island is divided into several sub island such as Pemba and Unguja of which the major one is Unguja famously known as Zanzibar.
  • Here you will experience a magical, pristine beaches, hidden forests with rare monkeys, enclaves favored by dolphins, and an ancient town with narrow, stone streets, steeped in history. The southeast are continuous waves, favored by surfers and dolphin watchers. The north and west sides of the Island are endless beaches with turquoise waters and coral reefs.

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